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Front Cover of ReCollecting Albury Writers ReCollecting Albury Writers
Biographical Sketches of writers of Albury and its District

by Dirk H.R. Spennemann

20 pages, 21 cm
Letao Press,
Albury 2002.
ISBN: 1 876940 04 2
softcover  RRP: $5.00
digital version  FREE DOWNLOAD.

Biographical sketches of the following writers: John Farrell, Rolf Boldrewood, Margaret Browne, William Lang, Mary Gaunt, Reginald Spencer-Browne, Alfred William Eustace, Sydney Jephcott, Billy Wye, Walter Henderson, Kerani, Henry Handel Richardson, John O'Brien, Ernest 'Jerry' Moll, Tom Doran, Merrick Webb, Graham Jackson, Dorothy Simmons, Jane Downing


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