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Front Cover of John Farrell, An Iliad of Albury An Iliad of Albury
and Other Poems
by John Farrell

edited by Jane Downing
and Dirk H.R. Spennemann

softcover, xxx, 184 pages, 21cm
Letao Press,
Albury 2002.
ISBN: 1 876940 06 9   RRP: $19.95.

That someone should title a poem Ephemera: An Iliad of Albury is pretty much amazing. Yet in 1878, John Farrell sat at his apocryphal, or maybe even real, upturned beer barrel in Albury and wrote 58 stanzas in the first Canto of his Iliad.

Ephemera is one of the rarest volumes of Australian verseŅa single copy is known to exist. An Iliad of Albury and other Poems compiles all poems John Farrell is known to have published while living and working in Albury. This is the first time Farrell's Albury work has been made available to readers since it first appeared in the late nineteenth century.


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