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Murray Time -- an illustrated progressive novel' Murray Time
an illustrated progressive novel created by 34 artists & writers

edited by Jane Downing and
Dirk H.R. Spennemann

x, 216, pages, 21 cm
Letao, Albury 2003.
ISBN: 1-876940-11-5
RRP $25.00


The writers and artists who contributed to Murray Time, in order of appearance are: Jane Downing, Annie Edney, Graham Jackson, Chris Chilton, Louise D'Arcy, Caryn Giblin, Paul Greene, Johnny Beinart, Nick Boswell, Maryrose Riley, Jean Menere, Jeanette Pockley, Sharon Buchhorn, Eddie Kneebone, Ian Trevaskis, Brian Scott-Robson, Dorothy Simmons, Lily Cunningham, Bill Robbins, Mary-Jane Griggs, Margaret McDonald, Vicki Luke, DL Teek, Jenni Munday, Noel Wingad, Mary Newton Ross, Dirk Spennemann, Wendy Chilton, Robyne Young, Janine Castillo, Susan Beinart, Stephen Anderson, Sean Chambers and Karen Donnelly..

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