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Front Cover of ReCollecting Albury Writing ReCollecting Albury Writing
Poetry and Prose from Albury and District 1859 to 2000

edited by Jane Downing
and Dirk H.R. Spennemann

softcover, xvi, 213 pages, 21 cm
Letao Publishing,
Albury 2000.
ISBN: 1 876940 00 X   RRP: $15.00.
(obtainable from Albury City Council, PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640)

Searching has unearthed almost 150 writers who have a connection with Albury and District. They may have been born here, lived here, written here, or written about this area. Combined, these writers have left behind about 1,900 pieces of published work - poems, short stories and novels, without counting the various reminiscences and histories.

Some authors have been much anthologised in the past, yet so much writing is sadly ephemeral by nature. It becomes lost on microfilms amongst forgotten news, and on yellowing paper in books long since opened. This has been the fate of great writing as much as it is the fate of the genuinely forgettable.

ReCollecting Albury Writing provides a collection 55 works, covering the period from 1859 until the present day.

ReCollecting Albury Writing (Introduction)
A Subscriber's Remonstrance    by Anonymous
The Fairy of the House    by Mark Lemon
To the Rose of Albury    by Winton
A Sketch    by V.P.M.
The Albury Ram    by Unattributed
Parody on Campbell's "Hoenlinden."    by James Odgers
Soft Sunbeams    by Epsilon
To The Daphne Mezereum    by Miss J.B.
Suicide in the Bush    by T.H.S.
The Post Office Clock    by Anonymous
How He Died    by John Farrell
Ephemera-An Iliad of Albury    by John Farrell
Lake Huon (Wodonga)    by E.A.S.
The Death of Captain Devereux    by Rolf Boldrewood
At Wendouree    by Reginald Spencer-Browne
From The Gulf    by Will H Ogilvie
The Ballad of Devil-May-Care    by Will H Ogilvie
White Paper    by Sydney Jephcott
The Railway Train    by Sydney Jephcott
Around The Boree Log    by John O'Brien
When the Circus Came to Town    by John O'Brien
Tangmalangaloo    by John O'Brien
About a Flower    by Walter G. Henderson
The Eringreens    by Walter G. Henderson
The Tinker    by Victor Daley
Midsummer Madness    by Elizabeth Fairfax
The Unlucky Rabbits    by Kerani
The Home of Charles Roberts    by William McGuffin
Morning at Albury    by Randolph Bedford
By the Hovell Tree    by Jack M. Byrne
Albury    by Walter Greig
The Monument of Liberty    by Darma
Albury    by Reginald A. Stoneham
The Old Wodonga Road    by 'Billy' Wye
The Aborigines    by 'Billy' Wye
The Trooper's Farewell    by 'Billy' Wye
Midnight Shift    by Tom Doran
The Outsider    by E.O. Schlunke
Returned Soldier    by Ernest G. Moll
Black Woman    by Ernest G. Moll
A Scientist Writes from Bikini    by Ernest G. Moll
The Road to Cactus-land    by Ernest G. Moll
Below Hume Weir, January 1975    by Francis Edgar
Mate's Corner    by Jean MacDonald
The King of the Victas    by Bill Robbins
The Woodpile    by Terry J. Keeley
Fly in the Ointment    by Graham Jackson
from 'Time to Go'    by Jill Dobson
Waiting for a bus    by Peter Kelly
Checkmate    by Peter Kelly
Home--Thoughts from Albury    by Jean Menere
Technologica    by Craig Dent
The natives are restless    by Rudolph von Scheven
For The Tomatoes    by Dotty Simmons
Telling Stories    by Jane Downing
Biographical Sketches

ReCollecting Albury Writing can be obtained from Albury City Council, PO Box 323 Albury NSW 2640.